Emily Llewelyn

Frontend Developer based in the UK

Here are a couple of my personal projects

Work enquiry

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I'm Emily

I have been focussing on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React, and I am now learning full-stack methods. My goal is to build dynamic and websites that are fun and accessible for everyone.

I have a degree in Film & English and a background in media, filmmaking, and animation, and I love working on creative projects.

Outside of web development I love cooking, cult cinema, and photography.

Here's how I've been studying ...

I have compleded the Enterprise Developer to Full Stack Developer Pathway via The Digital Skills Partnership.
This was a steep learning curve! I learned about how full stack applications are developed, building on my knowledge of front end.
The course covered MERN and MEAN stacks, secure programming, and testing. I was introduced to a lot of new things, including Spring with Java, Python API deployment, and RESTful services in the middle/back end.
All of this comes together to build and deploy full stack projects!

I began studing web development in August 2020 with SheCodes.
I have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, hosting, Bootstrap, GitHub, APIs, flexbox & responsive design, and SEO to a level that I can confidently build front-end projects from scratch.
This portfolio is my final project for SheCodes Responsive!

I also study with freeCodeCamp and The Odin Project, along with other exercise-based tutorials, where I have practised my coding by working on smaller projects.
I have a Responsive Web Design Certification from freeCodeCamp and am working towards getting others.

Find me here:

  1. Email emilyllewelyn@gmail.com
  2. Github @emllew
  3. Twitter (100 Days of Code) @emllllew